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28 August 2008

I've got a post coming out about sprinting - it's value or lack thereof for both the developer and the client. I should clarify that by sprinting I mean the practice of working extra hours or dropping best practices (design, testing) in order to keep an unrealistic development schedule.

Of course I'm thinking about the disadvantages of sprinting because I've got some recent experience - I took on a project via the Sparq Group that I knew going in had a ridiculous schedule (due to pressures on the Client).

It was a classic sprint (and would have degenerated into a death march if my contact at Sparq hadn't done such a good job of staying on top of things with the client). It's taken me a couple of weeks since the main part of the job was completed to catch up on my sleep, my family, and my other clients...

I'm finally feeling more rested though - and ready to start communicating again. One piece of writing i saw lately that I thought I'd point out is's article Why We Bill By the Hour. Good stuff - and sounds familiar to my own thoughts on Why I Don't Do Bids on Big Projects...

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