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Python for Beginners: Pyglet

sfpythonmeetup - continues to rock hard! At our most recent project night we had an intermediate level class on the new asyncio module in Python 3.4 (thanks to the great Aaron Maxwell), an advanced class on datamicroscopes (non-parametric bayesian analysis library), a Pyramid tutorial and many many happy Pythonistas got to talk to experienced mentors about their Python questions.

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Posted August 21st, 2014 in Python (Comment)

SF Python Project Night Class Material

SF Python Meetup has regular Project Nights. We welcome hackers and people working on their personal projects but it has been my aim to provide an opportunity for beginners in the Python community to take a class or just ask questions in a friendly, low-stress environment. I'm always recruiting mentors so if you're interested in helping out and haven't been before just hit me up on Twitter!

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Posted June 9th, 2014 in Python (Comment)

PyCon Startup Row Pitch Event at Twitter

I am happy to announce that next Wednesday, February the 19th, Twitter will be hosting a PyCon Startup Evening. If you're a Python-related startup in the Bay Area please see the event page to sign up to pitch. The winner of the evening as voted by the audience using Twitter + a panel of judges will win a booth in PyCon 2014's Startup Row! Come on out and enjoy food and beverages with the Bay Area Python/Startup community!

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Posted February 13th, 2014 in Python (Comment)

Python 3 Panel Discussion: Good idea?

I tweeted this idea but found I needed more than 140 chars to explain. In light of recent discussions from Alex Gaynor and Armin Ronacher - should we have a Python 3 panel discussion Contact me if you'd like to participate in the panel or to tell me it's a horrible idea.

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Posted January 26th, 2014 in Python (Comment)

Giving Thanks

The biggest side project I've had this last year has been organizing the SF Python Meetup. The year has been a resounding sucess for the meetup. We've met consistently 1-2 times per month since PyCon. We expanded our meetings to provide a "Project Night" experience as well as our traditional talk nights and we've seen the community gain many new and diverse faces. I've taken enormous personal satisfaction from the very many people new to the Python community who have enjoyed themselves and learned something to at our project nights. And of course the talk nights have continued to feature high quality talks on interesting topics as evidenced by the usual attendance counts of ~200.

I'd like to take the occasion of the Holiday to give thanks for all this Python goodness!

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Posted November 28th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

Descriptors Talk at SF Python

Last week I gave one of the talks at our monthly SF Python Meetup talks night. Our theme was Python Magic and we had a great talk by Jess Hamrick on metaclasses and I talked about descriptors. There was a bunch of advanced Python knowledge laid down and we had good Q&A from the approximately 150 attendees afterwards.

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Posted November 17th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

@contextmanager lightning talk video

Evan over at the NewCircle was nice enough to post the video of my lightning talk on @contextlib.contextmanager from a couple months ago. The video is embedded below - I only see one or two mistakes! Not bad for 30 minutes of slide prep in a busy day!

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Posted September 29th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

Goodby To Marakana

There are big changes afoot in my life. You might already have seen the news - the training company that I work for has been acquired by Twitter to help launch a new initiative at Twitter dubbed Twitter University. Marko and Sasa Gargenta, my bosses here at Markana are now leading that initiative and I'll be working with them at twitter.

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@contextmanagers Lightning Talk at SF Python Meetup

Last night we had a full house for Tom Hatch discussing his project Salt at SF Python Meetup. Salt seems like an interesting technology - more interesting than just a better chef/puppet! I'm looking forwards to digging into it.

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Posted July 11th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

Django Tips, Tricks and a bit of Python Magic

I recently talked at USF for the guest lectures in Computer Science series. They were interested in a beginner-oriented talk about Django or a talk about cool features in Python.... so I did both! The video for the talk is available on Marakana Stream and here are the slides as well - just hit space to advance the slides.

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Posted July 11th, 2013 in Django Python (Comment)

Welcoming Beginners in the San Francisco Community

I enjoy the regular SF Python Meetup nights. We feature awesome speakers deep-diving cool Python technologies (seriously: next up is Thomas Hatch talking Salt Stack on July 10th). Lately, however, Grace, Hy and I have been trying to figure out how to be more welcoming to the beginners in the Bay Area's Python community.

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Posted June 30th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

Higher Order Functions in Python

I'm teaching a virtual class right now and with a week break thought a refresher video for my students was in order. If you've ever wanted to learn to use sorted/map/filter/reduce and friends in Python - watch on. (20 minute video after the jump).

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Posted June 17th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

Google IO Talks Mini-Review

I'm at Google IO blogging the talks I go to...

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Posted May 16th, 2013 in Programming Technology (Comment)

Python/Django Talk tonight at USF in San Francisco

All are welcome tonight @ 6:30 at the University of San Francisco in the Kudlick Classroom (Harney Science Center 235) where I'll be presenting for the Special Lectures series for the Computer Science department there.

Please see the Special Lecture Series schedule for details. My talk is titled Django - Tips, Tricks and a dash of Python Magic. I'll be giving a brief overview of the fundamental pieces of the framework, a quick run-through of essential 3rd party Django apps, and discussion of advanced Python language features we can use to make our code more Djangoic Djangoish Djangoical like the rest of the Django code we use.

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Posted April 17th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

PyCon 2013 Poster Video is up!

My video interview from the PyCon 2013 Poster session is up!

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Posted April 17th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

My PyCon 2013 Poster

Just getting this up quickly in response to the very enthusiastic responses I received today at PyCon. Nobody yelled at me! (Guido did frown a bit though.) And very many of you came to tell me the same two things:

  1. I agree.
  2. What can I do to help?

I'll have more to say - both in explaining my ideas and in answering that second question - but in the meantime I just wanted to put up my poster for those who asked (warning: 1mb .pdf). Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my poster to chat. If you just can't wait to begin the conversation (or you didn't get a chance to yell at me!) I can be reached on twitter @simeonfranklin or via email (simeon at marakana dot com).

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Posted March 17th, 2013 in Python (Comment)

Modesto Scripting Language Meetup API Mashups

Recently the Modesto Scripting Language Meetup had another hack night. The theme of the meetup was Twilio apps and API's in general. We had presentations on Twilio and the Meetup REST API.

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Posted January 3rd, 2013 in Programming (Comment)

Ask an Expert - I'm wising up

After discovering that I was answering somebody else's test questions for them yesterday I'm less likely to answer questions like:

McDonald’s sells Chicken McNuggets in packages of 6, 9 or 20 McNuggets. Thus, it is possible, for example, to buy exactly 15 McNuggets (with one package of 6 and a second package of 9), but it is not possible to buy exactly 16 McNuggets, since no non- negative integer combination of 6's, 9's and 20's add up to 16. To determine if it is possible to buy exactly n McNuggets, one has to find non-negative integer values of a, b, and c such that 6a + 9b + 20c = n

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Posted November 3rd, 2012 in Python (Comment)

Ask an Expert - Interlacing Strings

I get random questions from the internet… I hate to be helping people with their homework or interview questions - but sometimes the questions are fun! A commenter writes:

I have to write a code in python to concatenate two strings together, by successively alternating elements of each string (starting with the first character of s1). If one string is longer than the other, then the remaining elements of the longer string should simply be added at the end of the new string. For example, if we lace abcd and efghi, we would get the new string:'aebfcgdhi'.

Ok! Let’s tackle this problem a couple of different ways.

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Posted November 2nd, 2012 in Python (Comment)

Scheduling Tasks in Python

A student wrote in to ask about using the sched module to schedule re-occurring tasks at a particular time of day in Python. Here's what I came up with...

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Posted August 14th, 2012 in Python (Comment)