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28 March 2009

Last night I participated in the Baypiggies Tools Night - I ended up in charge of the evening and listened to interesting presentations by Sandrine Ribeaux on Pylint, JJ on ... well ... random stuff in the Unix way, Drew demonstrating a bunch of different tools (depgraph makes cool pics like this out of your code's dependency graph, kcachegrind makes cool pics of your profiling output).

When all that (plus the newbie nugget on Big-O notation and python container types) was over we were almost out of time. I had three presentations prepared: one on using virtualenv to isolate python environments, one on using pip (Ian Bicking's easy_install replacement), and a presentation on fabric (the pythonic remote deployment tool). Due to the time limitations I did an abbreviated run through the first two and spent most of my time on fabric. I think a video of the audio and slides will be up at some point - in the mean time you can see my slides on virtualenv here, the pip slides here, and the fabric slides here - hit the space bar once the slides load to move through them.

I also ended up talking afterward about how I prepared my slides: I used the rst2s5 tool that's included in docutils to turn my slide's rst source into the html slides I used in my presentation. Any modern browsers will show a nice click through slide show using Eric Meyer's S5 slide format...

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