Simeon Franklin

Blog :: Announcing the Modesto Scripting Language Meetup

25 January 2012

Announcing the Modesto Scripting Language Meetup. I can't believe the nearest developer-oriented meetups are in Pleasanton and Livermore - so I started one myself! We may not have enough developers in the Modesto area to have a narrow focus (like a Python Meetup) but I thought that expanding to "Scripting Languages" still gives us some common ground. I hope to meet other devs and talk about typical Scripting tasks like web dev, automation, testing, gaming, UI, etc and hear from other Pythonistas, Rubyists, PHPer's and so on...

We've already got 7 members and Meet-n-Greet scheduled - if you live in the Modesto area sign up to be updated on future meetups!

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