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4 June 2012

Modesto Scripting Languages Meetup is up to 22 members and 4 consecutive meetups!

We're into Javascript at the moment - Javascript on the server, on the client, and as a compiler target! James gave a great talk on Coffeescript and then nodejs - including a demo that used node, websockets, and smartphone orientation info to craft a ball racing game steered by tilting your phone. Very cool!

I talked about Javascript as a language - I've taught a couple of classes on jQuery lately and am making an effort to make sure I really get Javascript. Of course Douglas Crockford is the go-to guy for that - so my talk was titled Javascript the Good Parts (the link is to my slides, use the space bar to advance.)

Another good time was had by all - we're still talking Javascript next time with jQuery, Backbone.js, and part II of my Javascript talk on tap. If you're in the Modesto - heck the Central Valley area - come on out and join us!

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