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28 February 2012

Last Thursday I presented at Baypiggies. I have to say this was not one of my most polished presentations ever - I volunteered at the last minute when we didn't have a speaker. I had started a talk on the port of Processing to Python for PyCon and hadn't finished my sample programs or the talk structure when I didn't make the cut for PyCon. But taking my own advice not to waste a rejection I (sorta) finished up my talk in the couple of days before Baypiggies and filled in.

It also wasn't one of my best presentations for another reason - I taught a Python class for 8 hours that day and then gave the hour-long presentation in the evening. I'm still transitioning from my solitary dev lifestyle to my new Python-Teacher gig and this much talking in one day strained my powers of concentration as well as my vocal cords! Despite all the caveats I had fun and the talk was well received.

pyprocessing is fun to use and I'd love to see it get some more users and developers. I'm aware of some more polished alternatives like nodebox but Python strikes me as a good fit for prototyping - well anything - but Data Visualisations ought to be a good fit too.

I used deck.js to make my slides so just hit the space bar to advance. I also created a public github repo with the asciidoc source for the slides and the sample programs I went over in the talk - I still have some work to do there and comments are welcome. Thanks again to all who came out - especially my students who were first-time Baypiggies attendees! - and thanks for your kind words after my talk.

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