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1 March 2009

I plan to regularly highlight Django apps I've found useful. I know there are some pluggable app review sites springing up - but I think it's one way of thanking authors in a small way for sharing their code with the Django Community.

With that in mind - I recently switched from my own menu app to Django TreeMenus - mostly because they have a nice admin (I have to check out how they implemented the ordering buttons in the admin; it's very nice!) I do wish they'd use the indispensable mptt to add the tree management features. It would be nice to have one really polished reusable hierarchical tree app, instead of many custom re-implementations, but this is a small nit to pick. This is definitely worth your while if you want your menus to be adminable... It's just a `pip install -E env -e svn+` away :)

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