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Blog :: Off to present at Baypiggies again

22 October 2009

I'm off to present again. My topic is Fixing Django with 3rd party apps and it's some best practices advice plus dev oriented apps I think are useful. The slides are here in s5 format (hit the spacebar to advance).

Update: The presentation went well - a few additional notes. The slides don't show it but I live demoed Rob Hudson's django-debug-toolbar and the command-extension runserver_plus/werkzeug debugger. My slide on South is non-informative because I followed Glen Jarvis' presentation on South... I had fun and I'll post links to the videos when they get posted.

I had follow up questions afterwords about finding cool 3rd party apps - and was trying to remember the recent blog post I saw that had a nice list. For anybody still looking for that check out Kevin Fricovsky's post on the apps that power mingus.

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