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21 August 2014

sfpythonmeetup - continues to be a lot fun! At our most recent project night we had an intermediate level class on the new asyncio module in Python 3.4 (thanks to the great Aaron Maxwell), an advanced class on datamicroscopes (non-parametric bayesian analysis library), a Pyramid tutorial and many many happy Pythonistas got to talk to experienced mentors about their Python questions.

I taught a class as well - in the last few months I've done basic Python syntax for beginners and an IPython Notebook + pandas + matplotlib class. This time it was easy games programming with pyglet. We walked through the basics of text, images, sounds, animation and event handling and attempted to make a basic game to various levels of success. I hope everybody had fun! Here are the slides (just hit space to advance) as well as a .zip with all the sample code including my own half-completed game.

PS - Thanks to Disqus for hosting and providing beverages/food and Rackspace for sponsoring food as well! Thanks also to everybody who showed up to teach a class or mentor a fellow pythonista. Organizing project night is easy because our community rocks!

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