Simeon Franklin

Download the file and extract it to the same directory as your other lab assignments. Like yamba7.html you'll start out with a blank timeline and some implementation supplied for you in ajaxevents.js. Add the following:

  1. Retrieve the list of status updates from the server ( and build the status list using getJSON. Be sure to include a "callback=?" parameter in the url.
  2. Clicking the tweet button should add a tweet to your timeline and also "post" to the server. You'll still be using getJSON with jsonp as this is the only way to get around the crossdomain restriction. Reload the page and verify that you can successfully add data to the server.
  3. Check every X seconds and rebuild the tweet list. New tweets should be added to the list but existing tweets shouldn't be changed. Hint: check the id of the messages and the id of the li.status.
  4. Deleting a tweet should remove it from the server. Use data = {'delete': id#} to delete.